Stoichiometric Chocolate Chip Cookies

December 10, 2011 § 19 Comments

How’s that for a post title?! ;-)

This past week in Chemistry we’ve been learning about Stoichiometry.

Stoichiometry, for those of you not scientifically inclined, is a branch of Chemistry that deals with the relative quantities of reactants and products in chemical reactions.

Sounds like a total yawn fest, right?!

Well, for the most part it is, but when you get to bake a dozen cookies, get a grade for them, and then have a giant cookie party (complete with hot chocolate!) in your period 3-4 Chemistry class it’s totally worth it.

Believe me.

I made Jennie’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and even though I’m not a “Chocolate Chip Cookie Connosuier” by any means, I had to admit that they were absolutely blissful.  

Chewy cookies with a gooey, chocolate-y center. The key is that you actually underbake them a bit!  Jennie suggests baking them for 15 minutes (and not a minute more!) but my oven tends to run hot so I took them out after 12 and they were fabulous!

I’m filing these under the “Old Stand-bys” tab in my recipe book. 

They may not be the “perfect” Chocolate Chip Cookie, but I’ll say that they’re pretty darn close! I’m already planning on making them for Christmas… :-D

What’s your favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe?

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