My Sacral Stress Fracture [1 Year Later]

December 18, 2011 § 16 Comments

A few weeks ago I had to write a paper for my Religion class on various past experiences I’ve had that have made an impact on my life. I wrote about different things ranging from my First Holy Communion to family vacations, but one experience really stuck out in my mind…

This time, last year, it was the first week of the Winter Track season. I did a good job of staying in shape after Cross Country so the practices weren’t that hard, yet everyday I would come home and have a sharp pain in my lower back. It was my first real injury so I didn’t know what to do. So I just pushed through it.

Eventually the pain became too much. Saturday morning, five days into the season, I was on a road run with the team and it got to the point where I, literally, couldn’t take another step.  It sucked.

My coach had to find me and take me back to school where I met with the athletic trainer. This might sound a little dramatic, but I consider that “the beginning of the end.”  The trainer realized that something obviously wasn’t right with my back and suggested that I go to an orthopedic doctor.

My parents wasted no time and after 2 x-rays, an MRI, and a bone density test it was official. I had a sacral stress fracture. And for the first time since I started running, 6 months earlier, I had to take a break from running.

I didn’t think taking 3 months off from running would be that difficult. Less than a week prior to the diagnosis I was complaining about running 800 meter sprints and now there was nothing I wanted to do more. It was weird. I had become so attached to running in such a short period of time. It had become a part of my life that I just wasn’t willing to give up.

Ultimately, I knew that I had to take the time off in order to heal. But once I was fully healed I took the first chance I got to run. Obviously.

Although it was terrible at the time, in hindsight I look at my stress fracture as a blessing in disguise. It made me realize that my love for running isn’t just a “phase” or something I do because I have to. It made me realize that running is one of my true passions and that I really can’t live without it. :-D

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