Soft Pretzel Bites

March 23, 2012 § 9 Comments

I almost  gave up pretzels for Lent.  But then I decided not to.  I know, crazy idea, right?  For me, going without pretzels for 40 days and 40 nights would be nearly impossible.  I’m kind-of obsessed with pretzels.

When I was training for my half marathon I would eat a banana with peanut butter and a handful of pretzel nuggets before each of my long runs.  When I come home from school at 3PM and I’m absolutely starving because my lunch is scheduled for 10AM, I eat pretzel sticks dipped in peanut butter.  When I’m in the lunch line at school and I spot the lunch ladies unloading a box of fresh, steaming hot soft pretzels, I buy one.  When my sweet tooth is raging, I eat pretzel-crusted trufflesYou get the picture. ;-)

So, since pretzels make up about 25% of my diet, I decided to give up something else for Lent.  I chose Biscoff Spread.  You know, that delicious Belgian cookie spread that everyone in Blog World seems to be obsessed with?  Yeah, that’s the stuff that I will be going without for 3 more weeks.  Waaaaaah! :-(

But enough about that.  This post isn’t about Biscoff – this post is about pretzels.  Not just any pretzels, though, fluffy, warm, soft pretzel bites!

A little over a year ago, I discovered this recipe for soft pretzel bites from Kirbie’s Cravings and it’s been my go-to pretzel recipe ever since!  They’re the best!  And that’s not just my opinion, I’ve made them for various parties and they’ve been a hit at each and every one, too! 

I’m sure you’re wondering why, if these pretzels really are the best, I haven’t shared them with you before.

Funny story about that actually.

I’ve made these pretzels three times before today and, each and every time I, I mean, my family and I have demolished them before I was even able to think about pictures.  They’re just that good.

I managed to take picture this time though!

Make them.

You can thank me later! ;-)

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