The Sounds And Smells Of The Weekend

May 22, 2011 § 42 Comments

Ahhhhh. How I love the sounds and smells of the weekend. :-D

The sound of the birds chirping at the crack of dawn. It just makes me want to hop out of bed and  run eat.

The smell of brewing coffee and warm pancakes. Warm Cake Batter Pancakes dripping with vanilla icing, that is.

The sound you make when you take the first bite.


Happy Pancake Sunday everyone! Stay tuned for some new recipe posts later this week and check out my Bites Of Life tab for some non-food related posts! Have a great day! :-D

Best Of Both Worlds

March 20, 2011 § 44 Comments

What is a girl to do when she has a craving for fluffy Funfetti cake and ooey gooey cinnamon rolls at the same time? Normally I’d say bake a cake and a batch of cinnamon rolls! Easy. Unfortunately, baking a full-sized cake and 36 cinnamon rolls specifically for yourself is frowned upon in our society, so instead I made these.

Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls.

These cinnamon rolls truly had the best of both worlds.  They had the delicious cake batter flavor and sprinkles that I love about Funfetti cake and the gooey cinnamon sugar filling that I love about cinnamon rolls.  Topped with a drizzle of cake batter frosting and I felt like I was on Cloud Nine.

Talk about a sugar rush! I had two for breakfast before Karate and was set for the entire day, I almost didn’t drink any coffee. Almost. Gotta have my coffee!


When Karate was over, I came home to a pan of only 4 cinnamon rolls.  Before I left there were 10. My family must have been in baked goods withdrawal.  Last week I baked an entire loaf of banana bread only to realize that it was dry, bland, and gross. This week I bake Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls, so I guess I can’t blame them for eating 2-3 cinnamon rolls each!

As I am writing this post, there is only one left.  Sometime in the next 6 hours there is going to be an epic battle for that last cinnamon roll. 

The worst part? I’m going to be the last one home today meaning that there is a high chance that the cinnamon roll will be gone by the time I get home. 

I guess I’ll have to do more baking soon! ;-)

*Note to Self: DO NOT take photos outside before 8am. The result will be blue-ish white pictures, much like these. Oh, the trials and tribulations of beginner’s photography…

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